Welcome to Phone Genius!

Phone Genius provides high quality, affordable and feature-rich internet phone services for residential and small business needs. 

To put it simply, we give you what other phone companies can't, at a price that you can't refuse, with no contracts or gotchas.

Why Phone Genius?

Get More Features For Less!

At Phone Genius, we don't hold back! We have over FIFTEEN (15) features and counting. Here's the best part: no matter who you are, you'll get all of these features for FREE! Plus, we don't believe in charging you more than what is necessary for such an essential service. Gone are the days of paying $60 each month, and not being given access to the best features that are being offered in the telephony market.

Superior Customer Service

At Phone Genius, we put our customers first! Whatever your needs, we can meet them. We will work with you to provide phone service that is exceptional.


When you encounter others who offer telephone service, the one thing that they're missing, is the ability to be scalable and flexible to their customer needs. We're not shy, and we consider it a challenge worth accepting to meet ANY customer's needs. Most people believe that "one size fits all". We don't see it that way. Our platform is modular and scalable, to the point where we can meet just about anyone's needs. In other words, with a service like ours, the sky is the limit.

Amazing Quality

When you think of VoIP, you might be thinking of all those horror stories about choppy call quality. That may have been the case for a lot of people all those years ago. Since then, VoIP has greatly improved. Today, call quality over VoIP is just as good, or maybe even BETTER than your typical landline. One of our satisfied customers described our service like this:

Whenever I make a call to anyone, it sounds as clear as a bell.