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Not only do you get amazing features that you won't find anywhere else, we also offer heart-stopping pricing that you can't refuse. On this page, you will be able to see a break-down of all our fees. We've got nothing to hide!

Phone Numbers

Primary: $22.34 (first 3 months) then $24.51 per month thereafter.

Additional numbers: $2.66 (first 3 months) then $3.26 per month thereafter.

Porting fee (one-time fee per number): $12.50.

Toll-Free number pricing is available upon asking


Usage fees are based upon inbound minutes and outbound minutes.

Inbound: 2.6 ¢ per minute (first 3 months) then 3.1 ¢ per minute thereafter.

Outbound: 2.6 ¢ per minute (first 3 months) then 3.1 ¢ per minute thereafter. within Canada (except for YT, NT and NU)

Contact us for the outbound usage costs to YT, NT, NU, United States and other countries.

NOTE: Calls to other members of the Phone Genius Family are 100% FREE in both directions

General Costs

Pricing below only accounts for just the primary number

First invoice: $61.62 + HST, which includes 'start-up' fees. Usage and porting fees are extra.

Second & third invoices: $22.34 + HST (plus usage fees)

Remaining invoices: $24.51 + HST (plus usage fees)

Depending on your requirements, you may require additional hardware. Please refer to our hardware page for more information.

  • Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) - needed if you require to use an analog phone (example could be a cordless phone) or FAX machine.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone set(s). Contact us to discuss your options.
  • Softphone Client(s).
    • The GrandStream Wave softphone app is FREE.
    • The Bria Mobile softphone app made by Counterpath, is FREE (to download) however, a subscription ($1.39 monthly or $13.49 yearly - based on Apple's App Store price) is required beyond the initial 7-day trial period. It is our experience, that Bria Mobile uses less of your device's battery.
    • These apps can be downloaded from both the Google Play store, as well as the Apple App Store. In order to make use of such an app, you will require a dedicated account from Phone Genius.
    • Phone Genius will give you up to 3 accounts, upon your initial order, for FREE.

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