We're sorry to see you go :(

We understand that there may be times where one might want to cancel their service for a variety of reasons. If you're canceling because you are not satisfied, we encourage you to contact support. This way, we can work with you to get any problems or concerns addressed. We want nothing more than to make you a satisfied customer with Phone Genius.


If we can't convince you to stay, please fill out the form below to initiate a Cancellation Request. We usually process these requests within 24 to 48 hours. When we get the request, we will review it and contact you to confirm the cancelation, as well as any outstanding payments that may be required. 

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Please tell us why you would like to cancel. This will allow us to both improve our services, as well as help you resolve any problems you might be having.
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If you wish to transfer one or more phone numbers, please enter them below. You will not get a charge from us, but you may incur a porting fee at your new carrier.
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We know that we're asking for a lot of information, but we would like to get a good sense of why you're cancelling. This way we can strive to improve our service. Please feel free to leave any final comments. We review every comment, so honesty is strongly recommended.